Natasha's Sci-Fi Booklist

    Abbey, Lynn
Unicorn and Dragon
#1 Unicorn and Dragon
#2 Conquest
Daughter of the Bright Moon
The Black Flame
Beneath the Web
The Wooden Sword
Siege of Shadows
Adams, Douglas
The Ultimate Hitchiker's Guide (h)
The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul
Andrews, Allen
The Pig Plantagenet
Castle Crespin
Anthony, Piers
A Spell for Chameleon
The Color of Her Panties
Anthony, Piers and Mercedes Lackey
If I Pay Thee Not in Gold
Anthony, Piers and Robert E. Margroff
#1 Dragon's Gold
#2 Serpent's Silver
#3 Chiamera's Copper
#4 Orc's Opal
Antieau, Kim
The Jigsaw Woman
Ash, Constance
The Horse Girl
The Stalking Horse
The Stallion Queen
Ashwell, Paula
Unwillingly to Earth
Asimov, Isaac ed. and C. Wayne, M. Greenburgh
Bailey, Robin W.
Skull Gate
Ball, Margaret
The Shadowgate
Lost in Translation
No Earthly Sunne
Barron, T.A.
The Ancient One
Baudino, Gael
Maze of Moonlight
Shroud of Shadow
Duel of Dragons
Bell, Claire
People of the Sky
Blake, Katherine
The Interior Life
Block, Francesca Lia
Bonhoff, Maya Katherine
The Meri
The Crystal Rose
The Spirit Gate
Boyer, Elizabeth H.
Keeper of Cats
Bradley, Marion Zimmer
The Age of Chaos:
The Hundred Kingdoms:
The Heirs of Hammerfell
Against the Terrans - the First Age (Recontact):
The Forbidden Tower
The Renunciates:
The Shattered Chain
Thendara House
City of Sorcery
Against the Terrans-The Second Age (After the Comyn):
Sharra's Exile
Exile's Song
The World Wreckers
#4 Lady of the Trillium
Bradley, Marion Zimmer and the Friends of Darkover
The Keeper's Price
Sword of Chaos
Bradley, Marion Zimmer, Julian May and Andre Norton
#1 Black Trillium
Briggs, Patricia
Steal the Dragon
Brittain, C. Dale
A Bad Spell in Yurt
The Wood Nymph and the Cranky Saint
The Witch and The Cathedral
Daughter of Magic
Brooks, Terry
#1 The Sword of Shannara
#2 The Elfstones of Shannara
#3 The Wishsong of Shannara
The Heritage of Shannara:
#1 The Scions of Shannara
#2 The Druid of Shannara
#3 The Elf Queen of Shannara
#4 The Talismans of Shannara
The Magic Kingdom of Landover:
#1 Magic Kingdom for Sale-Sold!
#2 The Black Unicorn
#3 Wizard at Large
#4 The Tangle Box
Brush, Karen A.
Demon Pig
Busby, F.M.
Young Rissa
Rissan and Tregare
The Long View
The Alien Debt
Rebel's Seed
Islands of Tommorow
Arrows from Earth
The Triad World
Bush, Anne Kelleher
Daugher of Prophecy
Children of Enchantment
Callender, Don
Dragon Companion
Carter, Lin
Carver, Jeffrey
Dragons in the Stars
Dragon Rigger
Chandler, Bryn
Eve's Rib
Cherryh, C.J.
Angel with a Sword
Cloud's Rider
Cherryh, C.J. ed.
Merovingen Nights Series:
#1 Festival Moon
#6 Flood Tide
#7 End Game
Clark, Jan
Clayton, Jo
Drinker of Souls
A Bait of Dreams
Cole, Allan and Chris Bunch
The Anteros Series:
The Warrior Returns
The Warrior's Tale
Cole, Damaris
Token of Dragonsblood
Coon, Susan
Cooper, Susan
The Dark is Rising Sequence:
#1 The Dark is Rising
Cunningham, Elaine
Daugher of the Drow
Cushman, Carolyn
Witch and Wombat
DeCles, John
The Particolored Unicorn
Delaney, Joseph J. and Marc Stiegler
DeLint, Charles
The Little Country (h)
Dennis, Carol L.
Dragon's Queen
Devenport, Emily
Dexter, Susan
The War Horse of Esdragon:
#1 The Prince of Ill Luck
#2 The Wind Witch
#3 The True Knight
Douglas, Carole Nelson
Six of Swords
Exiles of the Rynth
Keepers of Edanvant
Heir of Rengarth
Seven of Swords
Downer, Ann
The Spellkey Trilogy
Downing, Paula
Rinn's Star
Doyle, Deborah and James MacDonald
The Mageworlds Series:
#1 The Price of the Stars
#2 Starpilot's Grave
#3 By Honor Betray'd
#4 The Gathering Flame
#5 The Long Hunt
Drake, David
The Sea Hag
Durgin, Doranna
Dun Lady's Jess
Egan, Doris
The Ivory Novels:
#2 Two-Bit Heads
#3Guilt-Edged Ivory
Emerson, Ru
#1 The Calling of the Three
Farmer, Philip Jose
The Cache
Feist, Raymond E.
The Rift War Saga:
#1 Magician: Apprentice
#2 Magician: Master
#3 Silverthorn
#4 A Darkness at Sethanon
Prince of the Blood
The King's Buccaneer
Feist, Raymond E. and Janny Wurts
Daughter of the Empire
Servant of the Empire
Mistress of the Empire
Felice, Cynthia
The Khan's Persuasion
The Sunbound
Fenn, Lionel
The Seven Spears of the W'dch'ck
Finch, Sheila
Infinity's Web
Findley, Nigel D.
No Limits
Fisher, Paul R.
The Princess and the Thorn (h)
Forstchen, William R
#3 Wing Commander: Fleet Action
#6 Wing Commander: Action Stations
Fortchen, William R. and Ben Ohlander
#5 Wing Commander: The Price of Freedom
Foster, Alan Dean
#1 For Love of Mother Not
#2 The Tar-Aiym Krang
#3 Orphan Star
#4 The End of the Matter
#6 Flinx in Flux
Nor Crystal Tears
Franklin, Cheryl J.
Sable Shadow and Ice
Gilluly, Sheila
The Book of the Painter Trilogy:
#1 The Boy from the Burren
Green, Sharon
#1 Dawn Song
#2 The Far Side of Forever
Silver Princess, Golden Knight
Green, Simon
Blue Moon Rising
Greenland, Colin
Harm's Way
Take Back Plenty
Greeno, Gayle
The Ghatti's Tale:
Finders Seekers
Mindspeaker's Call
Exile's Return
Greenwood, Ed
Crown of Fire
Groell, Anne Lester
The Cloak and Dagger Series:
#1 Anvil of the Sun
Gunnarsson, Thorarinn
Human Beware!
Guon, Ellen
Bedlam Boyz
Haber, Karen
Woman Without a Shadow
Hambly, Barbara
Stranger at the Wedding
Bride of the Rat God
Harper, Tara K.
Harding, Nancy
The Silver Land
Harris, Deborah Turner
Caledon of the Mists
Hickman, Stephen F.
The Lemurian Stone
Holdstock, Robert
Herbert, Frank
Dune Messiah
Children of Dune
Holland, Cecelia
Floating Worlds
Jones, Diana Wynne
A Sudden Wild Magic
Howl's Moving Castle
Jordan, Robert
The Wheel of Time:
#1 The Eye of the World
#2 The Great Hunt
#3 The Dragon Reborn
#4 The Shadow Rising
#5 The Fires of Heaven
#6 Lord of Chaos
#7 A Crown of Swords
Kagan, Janet
Kellog, Marjorie U.
The Dragon Quartet:
The Book of Earth
The Book of Water
Kernaghan, Eileen
The Sarsen Witch
Kerner, Elizabeth
Song in the Silence
Kingsbury, Donald
The Moon Goddess and the Son
Knaak, Richard A.
#1 Children of the Drake
#2 Firedrake
#3 Icedragon
#4 Wolfhelm
#6 Shadow Steed
Kurtz, Katherine and Deborah Turner Harris
The Adept Series:
#1 The Adept
#2 The Lodge of the Lynx
#3 The Templar Treasure
#5 Death of an Adept
Kushner, Donn
The Book Dragon
Lackey, Mercedes
Arrow's Fall
The Last Herald Mage:
#1 Magic's Pawn
#2 Magic's Promise
#3 Magic's Price
Bardic Voices Trilogy:
#1 Bardic Voices
#2 The Lark and the Wren
#3 The Robin and the Kestrel
#4 The Eagle and the Nightingale
Lackey, Mercedes and Ellen Guon
#1 Wing Commander: Freedom Flight
Lackey, Mercedes and Josepha Sherman
A Cast of Corbies
Lee, Tanith
A Heroine of the World
L'Engle, Madeline
A Wrinkle in Time
Lindskold, Jane
Marks of Our Brothers
Smoke and Mirrors
Lisle, Holly
Fire in the Mist
Bones of the Past
Sympathy for the Devil
Lynn, Elizabeth A. Lynn
Sardonyx Net
Marley, Louise
Sing the Light
Martin, Graham Dunstan
Catchfire (h)
Martine-Barnes, Adrienne
The Fire Sword
May, Julian
Blood Trillium (h)
McCaffrey, Anne
The White Dragon
Nerilka's Story
The Renegades of Pern
All the Weys of Perns
The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall
Decision at Doona
The Ship Who Sang
Crystal Singer
Crystal Line (h)
Dinosaur Planet
Dinosaur Plant: Survivors
The Rowan
Damia (h)
Damia's Children
Lyon's Pride
Freedom's Landing
Pegasus in Flight
The Coelura
Alchemy and Academe
To Ride Pegasus
The Girl Who Heard Dragons
McCaffrey, Anne and Elizabeth Moon
The Death of Sleep
Generation Warriors
McCaffrey, Anne and Jody Lynn Nye
Crisis on Doona
The Ship who Won
McCaffrey, Anne and Elizabeth Scarborough
Powers That Be
Power Lines
Power Play
McCarty, Dennis
The Birth of the Blade
Flight to Thlassa Mey
Warriors of Thlassa Mey
Lords of Thlassa Mey
McIntyre, Vonda N.
McKinley, Robin
Michaels, Melisa
Cold Iron
Modesitt, L.E. Jr.
The Saga of Recluse:
#1 The Magic of Recluse
#2 The Towers of the Sunset
#3 The Magic Engineer
#4 The Order War
#6 Fall of Angels
#7 The Chaos Balance
The Spellsong Cycle:
#1 The Soprano Sorceress
Moon, Elizabeth
Winning Colors
Moran, Daniel Keys
The Last Dancer
Morressy, John
A Remembrance for Kedrigern
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau
The Catswold Portal
Nichols, Nichelle with Margaret W. Bonanno
Saturn's Child
Nicholson, Sam
The Light Bearer
Noel, Atanielle Annyn
The Duchess of Kneedeep
Norman, Elizabeth
Silver Jewels and Jade
Norton, Andre
Mirror of Destiny
#3 Golden Trillium
Norton, Andre and A.C. Crispin
Gryphon's Eyrie
Norton, Andre and Martin J. Greenberg, eds.
Norton, Andre and Mercedes Lackey
The Elvenbane
Norwood, Warren
The Windhover Tapes:
#1 An Image of Voices
#2 Flexing the Warp
#3 Planet of the Flowers
#4 Fize of the Gabriel Ratchets
Norwood, Warren and Ralph Mylus
The Seren Cenacles
Novak, Kate and Jeff Grubbs
Azure Bonds
Odom, Mel
Stalker Analog
Parkinson, Dan
Paxon, Diana L.
The Wolf and the Raven
Pierce, Tamora
The Song of the Lioness Quartet:
#1 Alanna: The First Adventure
#2 In the Hand of the Godess
#3 The Woman Who Rides Like a Man
#4 Lioness Rampant
The Immortals Series:
#1 Wild Magic
#2 Wolf Speaker
#3 Emperor Mage
#4 The Realms of the Gods
Pope, Elizabeth Marie
The Perilous Guard
Melanie Rawn
Dragon Prince Trilogy
#1 Dragon Prince
#2 The Star Scroll
#3 Sun-Runners Fire
Dragon Star Trilogy
#1 Stronghold
#2 The Dragon Token
#3 Skybowl
Exiles Trilogy
#1 The Ruins of Ambrai (h)
#2 The Mageborn Traitor
Robinson, Kim Stanley
Escape from Kathmandu
Rowley, Christopher
#1 Bazil Broketail
#4 A Dragon at World's End
#5 Battledragon
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn
The White Mists of Power
Sagara, Michelle
Into the Dark Lands
Salmonson, Jessica Amanda
The Swordswoman
Salsitz, R.A.V.
Where Dragons Lie
Where Dragons Rule
The Unicorn Dancer
Daugher of Destiny
Salvatore, R.A.
The Crystal Shard
The Witch's Daughter
Echoes of the Fourth Magic
The Icewind Dale Trilogy:
#1 Streams of Silver
Scarborough, Elizabeth
The Goldcamp Vampire
Echoes of the Fourth Magic
Song of Sorcery
The Godmother
The Godmother's Apprentice
Schulman, J. Neil
The Rainbow Cadenza
Schwartz, Susan
Silk Roads and Shadows
Scott, Melissa
Mighty Good Road (h)
The Roads of Heaven (h)
Slonczewski, Joan
A Door into Ocean
Daughter of Elysium
Smith, A.C.H.
The Dark Crystal
Smith, Stephanie A.
Snow Eyes
Springer, Nancy
The White Hart
The Hex Witch of Seldom
Larque on the Wing
Stasheff, Christopher
The Warlock Series:
The Warlock is Wandering
The Warlock is Missing
The Warlock Insane
Warlock and Son
Heirs to the Warlock Series:
A Wizard in Absentia
M'Lady Witch
Quicksilver's Knight
A Wizard in Rhyme:
#1 Her Majesty's Wizard
#2 The Oathbound Wizard
#3 The Witch Doctor
#4 The Secular Wizard
Stasheff, Christopher and William Forstchen
#2 Wing Commander: End Run
Steussy, Marti
Forest of the Night
Dreams of Dawn
Stevenson, Laura C.
The Island and the Ring
S. M. Stirling and Shirley Meier
The Cage
Tepper, Shari S.
A Plague of Angels (h)
The Revenants
Titchner, Louise
Tolkien, J.R.R.
The Hobbit
The Lord of the Rings:
#1 The Fellowship of the Ring
#2 The Two Towers
#3 The Return of the King
Tyers, Kathy
Fusion Fire
Crystal Witness
One Mind's Eye
Van Scyoc, Sydney J.
Deepwater Dreams
Feather Stroke
Vance, Jack
Velde, Vande
A Well-Timed Enchantment
Volsky, Paula
Ward, James and Anne K. Brown
Pools of Darkness
Ward, James and Jane Cooper Hong
Pool of Radiance
Watt-Evens, Lawrence
With a Single Spell
Nightside City
Watt-Evens, Lawrence and Esther M. Friesner
Split Heirs
Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
The Mantle of Kendis-Dai
Dragonlance Tales #1-#3
Dragonlance Tales II #1
Chronicles Quartet:
Dragons of Autum Twilight
Dragons of Winter Night
Dragons of Spring Dawning
Wells, Catherine
The Earth Saver
Wheeler, Deborah
Willey, Elizabeth
The Well-Favored Man
A Sorcerer and A Gentleman
Wilkens, Cary ed.
A Treasury of Fantasy: Heroic Adventures in Imaginary Lands (h)
Willey, Elizabeth
The Price of Blood and Honor
Williams, Tad
Tailchaser's Song
Wrede, Patricia L.
Talking to Dragons
Dealing with Dragons
Searching for Dragon
Caught in Crystal
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn
A Baroque Fable

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